31.1.15 to 27.2.15    Nevill Wilson  Matt Wilson



Preparing to hang Michael Thorp’s distinguished exhibition

(31.1.15 to 27.2.15) 

Lovely Fran sitting amongst her late husband’s stunning work   


Eric and Rina Ritchie choosing lunch  


This lovely couple gave us all such a splendid wedding party


Eric Ritchie with his splendid banner visible from the Berwick side of the road bridge (13.6.15 to 10.7.15)


A privilege to see Jonathan Lloyd’s beautiful print in the Royal Academy Summer Show


Eric Ritchie’s Flodden Field, at a distance, turned into a pale field of flowers  


Tony Johnson’s beautiful painting of the salmon fishers on the Tweed at Berwick


The Opening of the combined Berwick Art Group and the Berwick 900 Exhibition

11.7.15 to 26.7.15      Berwick Art Group   

11.7.15 to 16.8.15    [overlapping with] Berwick 900 show


Artist at work creating a grey lady  


Beautiful rug being produced during the 900 celebrations    


One happy artist and his charming family  to say nothing of a Bedlington  


A particularly good Open Show this year (29.8.15 to 25.9.15    4th Open Exhibition)


A fascinating representation of the Titanic in the Open Show 2015


A wonderful performance by The New World String Trio  


10.10.15 to 25.10.15    Outer Places:Inner Voices


7.11.15 to     4.12.15    Gormley  Sefton  Dutton

A very fascinating talk by David Gormley

And another by by Bryon Sefton


Andrew Latto  playing the euphonium to the great delight of Pip


Andrew and his distinguished friend in front of the allotments

Stella walking with Martin Eccles 


A Wilson’s Tale


John Fieldhouse’s seductive landscapes  


My golden gravel is beautifully laid and has in it tiny shells and strange stones


A brightly coloured crowd assembled on Meg’s Mount …  

And were rewarded by the sight of The Flying Scotsman steaming into Berwick


Holy Trinity First School back again with this massive jug of sunflowers


Pip cares so well for the Stephenson paintings that . . .   

We took him to London for a treat where he rode on a number 19 bus and . . . 

Walked confidently along Kings Road Chelsea and . . .

Made some splendid friends in Battersea Park