During his exhibition Graham Patterson did a great workshop with these results


And added more and more pieces to his show as the weeks went past and the tide on Spital Beach kept up its eternal whisperings



Priscilla Eckhard’s charming image came into its own on invitations to Priscilla’s birthday tea party to close the show as she so sadly missed the Preview



and at which cake and wine and good friends celebrated Priscilla’s return to health


It’s OK, the cigarette is of the E variety



How we miss that exquisitely painted bucket!














Roddy, Karin and their perfect granddaughter brought a Christmas present for Pip –


. . . which he loved so much that he ate almost all of it including the ball. . .











Pip suffers from delusions of smallness and thinks that he still fits on this cushion


But he doesn’t













Artist David Baird and pianist Mark Dickinson brought some surprising images for the next show which included Bob Dylan, the current Kate, the young Ian Stephenson and Mark’s son


Rina Richardson whose stunning photographs are currently hanging in Watchtower foyer and Eric Richardson whose paintings will impress us all in early 2014




Rina’s beautiful snow scene reflecting the Watchtower staircase!



On the day David’s and Rina’s shows opened Bob Dylan was spotlighted by a passing rainbow


Master Dickinson and very like: the artist is his grandfather



After all of this excitement my laptop went into freefall and tried to turn into one of Ian’s paintings



The concert in aid of the Mayor’s charities was even better than we had dared hope for. Local talents Summerland and Kirsty Jamieson of She accompanied by Mark Dickinson played and sang together in heart stopping style and nobody went home before midnight.


Mayor Isabel Hunter and Mace Bearer Joyce Benton were as efficient at the Bar and selling raffle tickets as they are when carrying out their Civic Duties



Mark Reid, always welcome at the Watchtower, played solo guitar and sang both old and new songs from his repertoire


And Mark Dickinson, beneath his portrait, played brilliantly in his usual extraordinary virtuoso style



The first of March, which I like to claim as the First Day of Spring, brought the first daffodils . . .



. . . and also the last week in which the team which has for the last few years recorded the choicest parts of the Berwick Advertiser for the visually impaired, first at The Old School Duddo and latterly at the Watchtower, has “gone digital” and moved on to a smaller space! No more green packets in my mailbox cheerfully delivered by my postman and laboriously sorted by Jim Turner over coffee and dialogues about rugby and the state of the world. All sadly missed but I do have my turret office back to make up for their disappearance.






Sound experts Ian Ballantyne and Mark Inglis continue to labour in the Recording Studio with results building up all the time. A satisfactorily developing scene at the Watchtower and always a pleasure to have them coming and going.



Deborah Chandler, looking beautiful and playing beautifully as always, treated us to Bach, Walton and Tavener.


A fascinated crowd filled the Gallery for this special treat.


Come back soon please Deborah. x